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I hope you all enjoyed the holiday season and spending time with your families and loved ones. Most importantly, this is a time to enjoy life. Sometimes we enjoy a little bit too much around this time of the year with sweets, eggnog and other deliciousnesses everywhere and that’s completely o.k. But usually once the holidays are over, guilt kicks in. Hence, all gyms are jam-packed in January. But eating yummy foods doesn’t mean they all have to make your scale go crazy. If you want to start into 2018 healthy and sexy, here are my top picks for healthy yet yummy food in Miami.

  1. Upland (South Beach)

I heard so much about Upland from my health conscious friends so I woke up one morning feeling healthy and decided to go for brunch on a Saturday (yes, they have brunch Saturday and Sunday). Upland is a farm-to-table concept in the South Pointe (most Southern part of South Beach). The inside is huge but they have patio seating as well. We chose AC over people watching and went inside.  The hostess and our waiter were very friendly and inviting. I’d highly recommend the Bloody Mary which is very spicy and flavorful. They also have natural juices. I had the avocado omelette which came with cotija cheese and pico de gallo. My S.O. had the eggs Benedict. Both were awesome. I definitely want to come back for dinner. I feel like this is a place for all kind of audiences not only health nuts as I saw people eating burgers and fries, too.

Avocado Om

Avocado Omelette


Eggs Benedict


Bloody Mary

MeBM Me sipping my Bloody -actually it’s a Virgin Mary[/caption

2. Delirio (Doral)

This must be my favorite bunch spots for my girls and I. When you drive by this hidden gem at a shopping plaza in Doral, you wouldn’t believe what awesomeness awaits you! Outside seating and the view is amazing as it is right next to a lake. Yes, a waterfront in Doral! I love eating healthy food. And by healthy, I don’t mean the kind of vegan, gluten-free, spirulina-drenched food with an aftertaste of horse poop. I mean food with fresh and natural ingredients that tastes great. They have these skinny pancakes that are out of this world. You can top them with all types of fruits, nuts and nut butters. They also have Arepas made out of quinoa. My favorite one is the Reina Pepiada (Chicken Salad and Avocado). They also have humongous salads, yummy toasts and breakfast bowls such as Acai, Pitaya, Money Bowl.

Special Tip: if you are on Yelp, check in to get a free glass of wine!


3. Evos (Pinecrest)

It will probably surprise you that a fast food spot is in this post but as I mentioned before, I’m not into depriving myself, I’m more about the quality of the food. I discovered Evos about four years ago when I had an errand to run in Pinecrest. Being a foodie and health nut at the same time, I was more than excited to try out “Healthy Fast Food.” And it did not disappoint. First of all, I have to say customer service was outstanding. The young people working there were friendly, knowledgeable and happy. And the taste of the food was great: from my wrap, to the air fries and the karma ketchup. And the organic milkshake – yum! I was craving it so much, I had to return shortly after. And I returned several times. Each time I had a great experience: friendly stuff and great quality of food!

4. Super Smoothie (Doral)

Last but not least. Another hidden gem in Doral! Living close-by, I used to drive by this shopping plaza so many times and always assumed Super Smoothie would be your average smoothie store like Smoothie King etc. But on the contrary! I am regular now and each time I come, they treat me very nicely. I love their fresh wraps. My personal favorites are the chipotle wrap and the veggie burger wrap. The hubby really likes wrap#5 as he loves mustard. My favorite smoothie is smoothie #30 made of berries and skim milk. They have all types of nomitudes (nom nom nom)- to name a few: quesadillas, soup, protein pancakes and Acai Bowls. I even bought my workout gloves and prepackaged healthy lunches there (ground turkey with sweet potato). The owner is super nice as well and a good advertisement for his healthy place since he is super fit and buff.

Super Smoothie

I hope you’ll get to try these places out and if you do, don’t forget to let me know how you liked them!

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