Happy New Year!

I hope 2018 has everything in store what you’re wishing for. I tried a new brunch spot on the last Sunday of the year and would like to share my delicious experience with you.

The first Bulla location was in Coral Gables by Miracle Mile. Since Doral opened its fancy Downtown Doral, we have a Bulla here now as well. I’ve been here a few times for dinner and finally made it to their famous brunch. I know they would get packed but luckily we got seated right away. They have a brunch sample menu where you can choose three items on the menu for a total of $27 and you can add unlimited mimosas or sangria (white or red) for $15. We picked the Huevos Bulla, Huevos Benedictinos, Melón con Bellota, Bistec a Caballo (counts for two items) and French Toast. I had actually thought those would be smaller portions but they came as regular servings. Oh boy, that was a lot food! We were in a food coma all day. We could have easily shared one of the sample menus. My favorites were the Huevos Bulla. They come with potato chips, Serrano ham and runny eggs which they mix together right in front of you. The Bistec a Caballo – basically Steak and Eggs – was good too. The eggs are fried and come on shoe string fries. By that time, we were pretty full already. We could have done without the Huevos Benedictos (their take on Eggs Benedicts) and the watermelon tomato cheese Serrano mix. They seemed like nothing special but maybe we were just too full to appreciate and all egged out. We didn’t finish them a.k.a we barely tried them. Since there’s always room for dessert no matter how full you are we finished the French toast that was topped with berries and pretty good. Overall, a nice brunch experience and definitely worth coming back in 2018!

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