A lot of times, my friends ask me “How do you find all these places?” Or “I’ve lived in Miami my whole life and I’ve never even heard about some of the places you go to.” The thing is: I love everything Miami and by that I mean everything. I even like to explore not so common areas. You’d be surprised what you can find when you get out of your usual neighborhood. Today I’m reviewing Homestead. Off the beaten path far South, a lot of people dismiss going there entirely. But there’s a lot you can do.

1. Burr’s Berry Farm

Since some of the fruits they offer are seasonal, they are only open half of the year. Check their website before you go. At the entrance there is a stand where you can buy drinks, Hot Dogs and salsas. In the inside there is a big strawberry picking field. Last year they had a harvest festival and pumpkin patch in Fall. They offered a cute tractor ride as well.

2. Knaus Berry Farm

This place is only open half of the year (check the website before you go) since they offer seasonal items but when they’re open they are extremely popular. They are mainly a strawberry picking farm but what attracts all the people is their delicious homemade cinnamon rolls. There is always a huge line for their bakery. I didn’t know there are two different lines for the bakery and milkshakes. Otherwise, I would have gotten my sugar level up with one of their delicious strawberry milkshakes first. But I waited in the crazy cinnamon bun line in the plain sun and almost fainted when it was my turn. The staff was really nice and sat me down inside and gave me water. Pro tip: get a milkshake first for your wait in the bakery line and wear a hat!

3. Robert is here

Robert is here is a fruit stand in Homestead founded decades ago by a guy called – you guessed it – Robert. Nowadays, this place sells a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. They have amazing homemade banana bread, salsa and guacamole. They are famous for their milkshakes. That’s why there’s always a huge line. My favorite is the Key Lime Milkshake. They make milkshakes with ice-cream and without. Moreover, they offer many other homemade items such as honey and barbecue sauces. In the back you’ll find a petting zoo with a donkey, cows, rabbit and other animals.

4. Shiver’s Bar-B-Q

If all the goodies from the fruit stands and Berry farms in Homestead don’t fill you up, I highly recommend this place. They have amazing barbecue food and their pulled meat sandwiches are finger-licking good!

5. Wat Buddharangsi Buddhist Temple of Miami

Did you know that there is a real Buddhist temple in Homestead? The temple is beautiful and the monks and people working there are very friendly. They welcome everyone and give classes in English and in Spanish. They have a little garden with statues and a small playground. Not your typical Miami experience but worth your while if you happen to be in the area.

6. Coral Castle

Admittedly, it’s a very short experience and not cheap (about $18 bucks) but the story behind it is incredible. This short guy built this place for a woman that he was crazily in love with. He moved these giant coral rocks without any machines and no one knows how he did it. The woman had left him and his plan was to win her back. He had everything planned it even a sweetheart table and an uncomfortable chair for his mother-in-law so she wouldn’t stay for too long. They offer tours where they explain everything. You can’t fill an entire day but with all the restaurants, fruit stands and berry farms around there, you’ll find plenty to do!

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