Before I had my son, I was never that much of a baby person. I never had a lot of experience with kids and there was a time when considered not having any kids at all. But all that changed my son was born. I felt like I was completely re-born as well and my whole outlook on life changed in a positive way. If you are still on the fence about having kids or you’re not particularly a “baby person”, read below why it is so wonderful to be a parent:

  1. Having a purpose in life 

When my son was born, I felt completely reborn as well. I turned from someone who was only responsible for herself into someone who is now responsible for another human being. I was now in charge of protecting and taking care of a life that completely depends on me. Looking back now on my life before baby, it seems very empty. It was basically just filled with work and whatever I liked to do in my free time. Now, I get to influence someone’s life by teaching him right from wrong and educating him. I also turned from someone who didn’t even know how to hold a baby into being super obsessed with my baby and become an expert about everything baby related. If you are someone who thinks they might not be a good mom, trust me, it will come naturally, and you will be a pro in no time. Most parents don’t really know what they are doing when they have a baby but the immense love they have for their little ones usually motivates them to be the best parent they can possibly be.

2. The energy they give you 

There is something about a child’s laughter that just brings to pure bliss. Having kids really teaches here to get lost in the moment and enjoy the precious time with your kids. By the same token, seeing a sleepy baby is the most peaceful thing in the world. I remember than when my son was a baby and he would still sleep in his bassinet in our room, I would always try to go to bed as soon as possible. Of course, one of the reasons was that I was tired as a mother. But it was more so because I wanted to soak up as much as I could of that peaceful energy my sleeping baby would send out into the room.

3. Kids are 100% genuine and honest

One big difference between kids and adults is that young kids and toddlers are a 100% genuine and honest. While adults are being programmed to always act appropriately and hide their feelings when necessary, small kids will cry when they’re upset and laugh when they’re happy. Adults usually act the way society tells them to act. If you are overly stressed, you’re still supposed to answer “Good” to the common (seemingly caring but not very genuine) greeting “How are you?” Children do not care about material things are reputation. They don’t care about how trendy the places are you are taking them. They care about the ways it makes them feel. We have a lot of new and nice parks in our area. I would take my son thinking he would be so excited about all the swings, slides, and other fun stuff. However, to my surprise he easily got bored by those, and would be more fascinated by all the little sticks on the floor. Same applies to going to the beach: he does not care whether we are at a luxury resort or not. For him playing with his toys in the sand is an enjoyable experience no matter where we are. I also love seeing him with other kids and their genuine interactions that you usually do not see in a lot of adults. The little girls at his daycare are so overjoyed when they see him, and they openly show it by screaming his name when they see him and hug him. I jokingly said to my husband “He should enjoy it while it lasts. Once girls get older, they ignore the boys they like to play hard to get.”

4. Kids love their parents unconditionally

Nothing in life is certain or lasts forever. Friendships come and go. Relationships fall apart. But one thing, you can always count on (unless you majorly screw up as a parent): your kids will always love you unconditionally. The fact that their life begins in your womb makes you have a major bond with them from the beginning. Children do not love their moms less because she is not is not pretty enough or will replace them with a younger mom. Their mom has a unique place in their life that is irreplaceable.

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