When bringing a child to this world, parents naturally develop the instinct to protect them. While there is nothing more peaceful than a sleeping baby, it is heartbreaking to see a small child waking himself or herself up from coughing and crying. But the dreaded moment when your baby develops his or her first cold will eventually come. And once they go to school, they will be getting sick all the time. You must call your pediatrician right away when your baby has any symptoms of a cold.

If your child has no fever and you have made sure with your pediatrician that it is a common cold, there are not a lot of things you can do. Pediatricians do not recommend any type of medicine for very young children. However, there a few tips that you can apply to help your little one get through the cold quicker and with lighter symptoms:

1) Natural Remedies
Honey is an effective natural remedy to alleviate cough. Just make sure you give it in small doses as the high sugar level can be detrimental to the baby’s teeth. Also, giving lots of liquids is crucial to the baby’s speedy recovery. Make sure your baby stays hydrated by either nursing a lot or giving lots of fluids in bottles. Moreover, the more your baby gets to sleep, the better it will be for his or her recovery. Zarbees has developed organic medicine for babies with a cold which basically consists of honey and vitamins. 

2) Steam to clear the sinuses
A humidifier in the room helps. You can buy one at almost any supermarket, pharmacy, or order online on Amazon. They have some cute ones that look like an elephant. Refill the water every night and turn the humidifier on while your little one sleeps. Make sure you clean the machine regularly to avoid the creation of any mold. Also, you can take your baby inside the bathroom only dressed in a diaper and let hot shower water running. This creates a natural steam sauna which helps clear the sinuses. Obviously, do not actually put your child in that water as that can burn his skin.


3) Get that snot out!
One of the main issues about small children getting sick is that they cannot blow their noses so the mucus travels down creating a cough. One of the best inventions ever for parents is the Nose Frida. It is a small device that helps you suck out all the liquid yuckiness out of your child’s nose. Before having kids I used to be so disgusted by this but now that I am a parent, I can say that it is truly a lifesaver. You hold a small syringe-like apparatus that is connected to a bendable straw against your child’s nostril and suck out all the mucus. Don’t worry there is a filter so you can’t get any snot into your mouth! My son hates this device and so do most kids. But it is very helpful to get over a cold and to decrease coughing. Ensure to follow the cleaning instructions after every use and keep this device hygienic to avoid any further spread of bacteria. The Nose Frida also comes with a baby-friendly saline nasal spray which helps to soothe your child as well. There are also electric version of the device like the Nosiboo which makes the progress more convenient and less gross for parents.

4) Soothing chest rubs
Ok so this one might be more of a Miami superstition but the Cuban people here swear that Vicks Vapor Rub is the cure to a lot of ailments. And I can confirm I had positive results with it as well. There are some soothing chest rubs particularly made for babies. Make sure you pick one with good ingredients such a Eucalyptus, lavender, and/or beeswax which are petroleum and menthol-free. Tip: rub it into the baby’s feet, put socks on overnight, and see how much better your little one feels the next morning.

5) Preventative Measures

Last but not least, it is always best to prevent your little one from getting sick altogether. You can get over-the-counter vitamins for babies that you give them every morning. Moreover, it is important to practice good hygiene. Make sure you thoroughly wash your child’s hands with soap and warm water and bathe them once they get home to wash off the germs. Consider getting your child clothes and bed sheet made out of quality organic materials. These are farmed without the use of pesticides. Pesticides can cause allergic reactions and lower the immune system. 

Keep in mind that I am not giving any medical advice as here as I am not a doctor. I am giving you tips based on my experience. However, I have done extensive research and received most of these tips from pediatricians so I am confident in sharing these.

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