Dark circles

Some get them after not sleeping enough, others after partying too hard, and then some people have them permanently. But everyone has had them at some point: unsightly dark under-eye circles. For moms, it is a rite of passage to be sporting those panda eyes after many sleepless nights with their babies. I am one of those less fortunate people who have them genetically. Originally, I wanted to call this article “How to eliminate dark under-eye circles.” However, this would be very misleading for those who have dark shadows genetically as there is nothing that will cure them completely. Nothing. Trust me, I tried everything. The good news is: there are 5 ways to reduce unsightly under-eye circles significantly.

  1. Plenty of Sleep

Ok, Captain Obvious – is what you probably think now. But I could not have started this article without the most important factor. For me, who always has dark circles, there is a huge difference between sleeping 5 or 8 hours. Our cells regenerate at night so allow your skin plenty of rest and time to recover. Also, sleep is the only natural remedy for undereye circles that you can get for free.

 2. Use the right concealer

I never leave the house without applying concealer. Let me correct that: I never leave the house without TWO concealers. To conceal my dark circles the best way possible I need to apply two different shades. I have Mediterranean/Middle Eastern skin so I first apply a color corrector. However, to conceal the circles completely, I need to add a light-shade concealer on top of it. These are the products I use:

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Vanish! Color Corrector Medium 

Hourglass Vanish Airbrush Concealer Oat

Obviously, it has to work pretty well because each time I do not apply any concealer I get asked if I’m tired or sick.

3. Apply hydrating creams and serums

Dehydration is another common cause of under-eye circles. Hence, it is important to stay hydrated. You can hydrate from the inside by drinking plenty of water. I know some people swear by adding collagen supplements to their beverages. I personally think this is more of a marketing gimmick. But you can try it if you believe it could work for you. And you can stay hydrated from the outside by applying serums and creams. I have tried so many products and spent a fortune on them and can attest that none of them will magically make hour circles disappear. However, under-eye creams and serums with caffeine can significantly help reduce the appearance of dark shades. Also, I noticed that it is a lot easier to apply concealer on hydrated skin. Some people also swear on Vitamin K cream which is fairly cheap but it didn’t work on my genetically predisposed dark circles.

Dark circles

4. Fillers

The most hardcore – and IMO most effective way – is an under-eye filler aka tear-through or teardrop. Never in a lifetime would I have ever thought I would do such a procedure given that I’m more of a natural gal and terrified of needles. But in late 2020, I had the opportunity to try it out for free through a blogging gig. This type of filler is very challenging and can be dangerous when done by the wrong person. The procedure itself is not for the faint of heart. Nonetheless, I was so happy with my results. While this also didn’t eliminate my circles completely, it made that whole area look a lot lighter. All in all, it gave me a more youthful look. 

Before you go and make your appointment, I have to add a huge disclaimer. You really need to do your research and pick a good, qualified injector. Unfortunately, there are way too many people out there doing fillers with no talent or necessary medical knowledge. If you do not see any pictures that prove that the provider has actually done the tear-through filler before, do not even bother. Not only can a botched filler look terrible, but it can also be dangerous especially in a delicate area like the eye. My first filler looked so great that I was keen on getting refilled after a year. However, the first location was very far so I tried out a new med spa that has all sorts of beauty treatments. It should have been a red flag for me that they were very hesitant about doing that filler and kept pushing for something else instead. Also, they completely blew my first appointment because they didn’t have the right filler there. I somehow thought it was a good sign that they told me they want the doctor to do it instead of the RN. However, it seems like the doctor had no experience at all. I ended up with two filler pockets under my eye. So on top of wasting money, I will now also have to go again to get it dissolved. Do yourself a favor: avoid medspas and go to a reputable place with an experienced doctor. 

5. Facials and other treatments

Before you completely avoid medspas, the one place you want to go to them for is for facials or similar treatments. While not a complete cure for the panda eye problem, a good facial can help improve the entire appearance of hour skin including the area under the eyes. Personally, I love hydra facials. They are so relaxing and my skin looks amazing after. Most places will offer you to add the “eye perk” for an extra charge. This tool will help hydrate the eye area and you get to take home the remaining liquid. Other types of facials can help as well. I’d suggest doing a consultation and skin analysis first to choose the right treatment for you.



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