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Did you know that every first weekend Bank of America cardholders get free admission to select museums in their area? Check out the location finder on the Bank of America Museums On Us website to find a free museum in your city.

miami museum with kids

Perez Art Museum Miami

We love the Miami Children’s Museum in Miami
There’s so much to do and learn for kids. My son can spend hours there and still not get bored.
Some of the many things to do:
Shopping at their Publix replica where they can even create one of the famous Publix subs
Building blocks in the construction zone
Activities at the Bank of America replica
Dress up as a fireman and play on the fire truck simulator
Dress up as a vet, adopt a stuffed animal, or play pet groomer
Go on a cruise ship, play with boats, and move some cargo
Get fit in the fitness zone with its own fenced-in toddler zone
A greenhouse simulation
Go down the slide
Visit their current exhibit. Currently: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Read in the Dr. Seuss reading area or play with Legos
Play with instruments
Check out their programs for different activities
Go to one of the sensory rooms when getting overwhelmed
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Miami Children’s Museum

Find out more about the museums in the Miami area by watching this video. Or if you are interested in learning about more free things to do in Miami in general, read this article that I wrote for Miami Mom Collective.

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