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Hi! My name is Bella and I am a Miami mom of a little boy. I was born and raised in Germany. When I first visited Miami in 2011, I absolutely fell in love with the city, its unique vibe, endless summer, and the people. I knew it was my fate to move here and sure thing, against all odds I made it happen half a year later. Given that I assimilated so well to the culture down here and embraced the predominance of Cuban culture, I earned myself the nickname “La Alemana más Cubana” (the most Cuban German). Needless to say, I ended up falling in love and getting married to a Cuban who was born and raised in Miami. I made him rediscover his own city from my fascinated eyes. I would always be on the hunt for hidden gems and together, we would explore every corner of the Miami-Dade area. In the beginning, we would just share these experiences on our social media. More and more, friends started reaching out to me for recommendations on where to go. It’s crazy to think that Miami-born and raised people would reach out to a German girl for advice on where to go and wondering how I find all these places. Since I always liked, writing and creating content, I wanted to share my love for Miami in a more formal way. Hence, my first blog Miami Mi Amor was born! However, once I learned I was pregnant with my first child in fall 2017, my focus shifted more on researching baby gear and parenting tips. I took a short break from blogging. Once my son was a few weeks old, I started becoming very involved in the Miami mom blogger scene. In 2020 – the craziest year of all years – I started becoming a mom blogger myself. I joined Miami Mom Collective – Miami’s premier parenting resource revived my blog and started collaborating with mom-focused companies on social media. My new brand The Miami Mami was born!  One of my missions is to show that just because you are a mom, it does not mean that you are not a woman anymore. You deserve to be happy and fulfill your goals. I hope you enjoy my versatile blog. Thanks for stopping by.

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Bella – The Miami Mami

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