Recap of Baby and Sunshine‘s first virtual holiday event

Recap of Baby and Sunshine‘s first virtual holiday event

While 2020 has put a damper on in-person gatherings, there is one thing that’s for sure: we all have become a pro at virtual get-togethers. And the big advantage of virtual events is that people from all over the United States can connect with each other no matter where they are. Baby and Sunshine just hosted their first ever virtual holiday event featuring amazing deals on their wonderful mom and baby products, awesome giveaways including items from their affiliate merchants and other great offers. If you missed it, don’t worry: you can still snag some of the deals and even participate in some of the giveaways. Here’s a recap of the successful Baby and Friends Holiday Event. by Ashley Wong

Most convenient event location: a Facebook group

The main event took place in a Facebook group on Saturday, November 14th; however, users were able to join the group beforehand and even participate in fun sweepstakes. One lucky winner won a cash prize a few days before the event simply by participating in a game. There was another amazing giveaway running before the event where the grand prize was an exclusive and high-quality diaper bag. The grand prize was one of Baby and Sunshine’s amazing Super Boxes valued at $124.99 filled with personalized premium items for mommy and baby. Some of the other giveaway prizes included an Ergonomic Baby Carries, organic footed onesie valued at $25, a Mama Bird shirt from Happy Momma Merch, sloth bummies from Adry’s Boutique, holiday PJs from Sandy’s Crafts, a coupon from Snap’N’Nap and many more. Over 120 people participated in the event and it was extremely convenient that everyone was able to comfortably participate from their phone or computer. You can still sign up and participate here.

Entertainment by a relatable host

Every successful event needs a great host! But how do you do that for a virtual Facebook event? No problem at all for the creative minds at Baby and Sunshine who thought outside the box and collaborated with Lindy Esquivel from Lindy Esquivel && the Littles. Lindy, a mom of three and influencer, did a very great job guiding the users through the three hour events by popping in with charming videos and lives where she would emphasize how important it is to support small businesses and explain the ground rules of the games. Since she is a mom herself, her presentations were very relatable and felt like catching up with a mom friend over a Zoom call. She also presented all of the participating mom merchants in her videos. I personally loved that there was an introduction video of the veteran parent owners of Baby and Sunshine so the users got to know them and their company a little bit better.

Participating mommy merchants

A variety of small mom business participated to raffle some of their awesome hand-made items. I had introduced some of these business in previous blog posts but there were also some brand-new companies who participated in this event.

Adry’s Boutique – Adriana, a military wife and mom of both – boy and girl – is very passionate about designing clothes and accessories for small children. She handmakes adorable boy shorts, also called bummies, for all occasions in all kinds of creative designs. She also designs skirted bummies for girls and matching bummies and headbands. Moreover, she specializes in making bows.

Happy Momma Merch – Happy Momma Merch is a mom-owned online apparel business. This momma creates the vast majority of her merchandise from scratch at home. You can find the cutest merch in her online shop! There is a collection with empowering Tees and hoodies for mommies and even an autism awareness line where part of the proceeds go to Charity. Furthermore, she creates hilarious and cute matching outfits for mom and baby. Since this line is all about being inclusive, there is also a whole line of Daddy and baby matching shirts.

Milky Chic – Handmade motivational gift boxes for women that include cups, mugs, motivational agenda mom planners, diaper bags, nursing ponchos, and a lot more.

Little Pickle Memories – Gift sets, memory books and milestone cards.

Sandy’s Crafts – a Stay-at-home-mom Etsy shop that makes handmade crotchet baby blankets and adorable baby hats

Snap’N’Nap – an online shop for adorable baby apparel. All of their products are made in Turkey, OEKO TEX Certified (Organic) and Hypoallergenic. by Ashley Wong – an Etsy shop for adorable home-made crotchet items for babies

It’s not too late to snag the amazing deals:

Missed the event? No worries, you still have time to get some of the amazing deals offered and you can still participate in the giveways that have not been closed out yet

✔️30% off ONE-TIME PURCHASES at with HOLIDAY30 – expires 11/16!

✔️20% off on with discount code EVENT20 – expires 11/17!

✔️Order a minimum of $20 via message to Adriana Griffin by 11/16, you get a free mommy headband with your purchase.

✔️20% off all purchases made on using discount code BABYANDFRIENDS (valid for 1 month)

✔️Sandy is offering a 25% discount for all purchases by midnight Sunday 11/15. AND those who purchase with the 25% discount, they will also get a coupon for 30% off their next purchase! Go to

✔️Any purchase made on before Wednesday 11/18 gets a 20% off discount with code ‘babyndsun20’!

✔️For any purchase of $30 or more with from today November 14 till December 31, you will get 10% off with discount code BNFHOLIDAY10!

✔️Snap’N’Nap is awarding to 5 lucky winners in the fun activity each a 25% off coupon that they can redeem by midnight of Tuesday 11/17!

Last but not least, some exciting news:

There are some exciting news I want to have with you:

  1. Baby and Sunshine is launching their HOLIDAY BOX 2020: To support shopping small this season, Baby and Sunshine’s Holiday Box for 2020 will include 3 items from other small mom and pop shops and 5 items from Baby and Sunshine (also a small shop). This is their effort to help you SHOP SMALL in one beautiful Holiday Box!

LIMITED TIME ONLY – This box is only available until December 31, 2020!

– In the spirit and specialization of Baby and Sunshine, you will still be personalizing each box to where you’re at in your journey by filling out a survey after checkout.

– Get 30% off with code Holiday30 by midnight Monday 11/16.

– Get 15% off with Lindy’s code (check on Lindy Esquivel && the Littles until December 31.

Find Holiday Box 2020 – click here !

2) Baby and Sunshine and Happy Momma Merch have partnered up to bring you a new Facebook Group for Boss Babe Moms. In this group, mompreneurs will get to build each other up, help each other success and learn from each other. Join the group here .

Why having a baby is the best thing in life

Why having a baby is the best thing in life

Before I had my son, I was never that much of a baby person. I never had a lot of experience with kids and there was a time when considered not having any kids at all. But all that changed my son was born. I felt like I was completely re-born as well and my whole outlook on life changed in a positive way. If you are still on the fence about having kids or you’re not particularly a “baby person”, read below why it is so wonderful to be a parent:

  1. Having a purpose in life 

When my son was born, I felt completely reborn as well. I turned from someone who was only responsible for herself into someone who is now responsible for another human being. I was now in charge of protecting and taking care of a life that completely depends on me. Looking back now on my life before baby, it seems very empty. It was basically just filled with work and whatever I liked to do in my free time. Now, I get to influence someone’s life by teaching him right from wrong and educating him. I also turned from someone who didn’t even know how to hold a baby into being super obsessed with my baby and become an expert about everything baby related. If you are someone who thinks they might not be a good mom, trust me, it will come naturally, and you will be a pro in no time. Most parents don’t really know what they are doing when they have a baby but the immense love they have for their little ones usually motivates them to be the best parent they can possibly be.

2. The energy they give you 

There is something about a child’s laughter that just brings to pure bliss. Having kids really teaches here to get lost in the moment and enjoy the precious time with your kids. By the same token, seeing a sleepy baby is the most peaceful thing in the world. I remember than when my son was a baby and he would still sleep in his bassinet in our room, I would always try to go to bed as soon as possible. Of course, one of the reasons was that I was tired as a mother. But it was more so because I wanted to soak up as much as I could of that peaceful energy my sleeping baby would send out into the room.

3. Kids are 100% genuine and honest

One big difference between kids and adults is that young kids and toddlers are a 100% genuine and honest. While adults are being programmed to always act appropriately and hide their feelings when necessary, small kids will cry when they’re upset and laugh when they’re happy. Adults usually act the way society tells them to act. If you are overly stressed, you’re still supposed to answer “Good” to the common (seemingly caring but not very genuine) greeting “How are you?” Children do not care about material things are reputation. They don’t care about how trendy the places are you are taking them. They care about the ways it makes them feel. We have a lot of new and nice parks in our area. I would take my son thinking he would be so excited about all the swings, slides, and other fun stuff. However, to my surprise he easily got bored by those, and would be more fascinated by all the little sticks on the floor. Same applies to going to the beach: he does not care whether we are at a luxury resort or not. For him playing with his toys in the sand is an enjoyable experience no matter where we are. I also love seeing him with other kids and their genuine interactions that you usually do not see in a lot of adults. The little girls at his daycare are so overjoyed when they see him, and they openly show it by screaming his name when they see him and hug him. I jokingly said to my husband “He should enjoy it while it lasts. Once girls get older, they ignore the boys they like to play hard to get.”

4. Kids love their parents unconditionally

Nothing in life is certain or lasts forever. Friendships come and go. Relationships fall apart. But one thing, you can always count on (unless you majorly screw up as a parent): your kids will always love you unconditionally. The fact that their life begins in your womb makes you have a major bond with them from the beginning. Children do not love their moms less because she is not is not pretty enough or will replace them with a younger mom. Their mom has a unique place in their life that is irreplaceable.

Now that I have my son, I can honestly say he is the best thing that has ever happened to me. If you are a new mom, an expecting mom or if you know a new or expecting mom that you are searching a gift for, I have the perfect event for you. Baby and Sunshine is having a virtual holiday event on November 14th. Baby and Sunshine has the most amazing products for babies and mommies. All the items are of extremely high quality and a lot of them are hand-made by stay-at-home mom businesses. During this event, you will be able to have access to deals that you would not normally get. They offer a ton of personalized items so if you are on the look-out for the perfect Christmas or Chanukah gift, this is just the right event for you. But you will love their items so much that I am sure you will want some of these for yourself. Moreover, they have special Thanksgiving items that would arrive just in time for the holiday if you were to obtain one during the event. Sign up for the Facebook event here. They already started some of the fun games and already gave away a cash prize. They currently have a game running where you could win a luxurious diaper bag. Hope you sign up and have a blast!

How being grateful can positively contribute to a mom’s life

How being grateful can positively contribute to a mom’s life

I cannot believe it – November is already here! While this year was full of surprises (and not always the good kind), it seems like it has flown by. Surely, this year has been tough for a lot of people: the unexpected outbreak of a global pandemic has led lots of people to losing their jobs, homeschooling their kids while working from home, and lots of other challenges. But there is one thing that has not only helped me throughout this year but has significantly improved my life: practicing gratitude

Appreciate the time you have with your child – it will go by fast

This year most parents have spent a lot more time with their kids than they are used to (and, let’s be honest, than they want to). The shut-down of schools and daycares nationwide has led to a lot of parents juggling working while taking care of their children at the same time, or even homeschooling them. I personally had a moment around April when I thought I would have a nervous breakdown due to being overwhelmed with a high workload while taking care of my very active and needy toddler. Just before I was about to get into having really dark thoughts, I changed one thing: I turned my frustration into gratitude which turned my 2020 from negative to positive. Instead of being frustrated about having so much on my plate, here’s what I did:

  • I started to be grateful for having all that time with my son, and mostly, for having him at home with me safe and sound. A lot of parents with older kids, tell me that this time goes by fast and that they wished they could still carry their kids in their arms. I have lot of people telling me they miss the stage where they fed their kids food with a spoon and they told me to enjoy every single second of this stage even if that includes waking up late at night and diaper changes. Without a doubt, all of us parents with babies and toddlers can clearly learn from these parents. They will never get that sweet time with their little ones back. So, let’s enjoy it to the maximum no matter what life throws at us.
  • I started journaling. Since gratitude is an incredible strong power, you will see how many more great things will come to your life. I started writing down everything I have that I am grateful for. If you think about it, there are a lot more things than you might think. Even if you are not a millionaire, the fact that you are alive, that you have access clean water, that your children are healthy and that you are able to provide a roof over their head and food is something to be thankful for. If you do not believe me, here are just a few things that happened to me after practicing gratitude and journaling every day:
  • I became a U.S. citizen this year. While all immigration proceedings were on hold due to Covid-19, I was selected as one of 500 lucky people to have their naturalization ceremony right before 4th of July
  • I got a promotion at work and shortly after an even higher paying job offer
  • My side hustle as a mom blogger and influencer took off in ways that I would have not expected especially not during these crazy times
  • Our house sold for more than asking price and I moved to the area I have always dreamt off
  • Focusing on being grateful for the things I have, made me a more patient and more focused mom. While I had always put my son’s well-being first, I believe that before I was a bit of a robot of our society: very focused on how things should be and very annoyed if they wouldn’t. I stopped sweating the small things. Even when I was working from home on a tight deadline and my son wanted to cuddle, I made the conscious decision to stop what I am doing and take a few minutes for my son. These moments with him are the most precious moments in the world to me that I cherish more than anything. It would help us bond and give me so much energy as well. And guess what, I would still meet all my deadlines just as well.  Also, not being able to attend events at activities made us explore all the nature in our area and focus more on our family.

Breastfeeding – completely natural but not necessarily easy

Breastfeeding – completely natural but not necessarily easy

Breastfeeding is without a doubt one of the best ways for a mom to bond with her child. Not only that but it is also extremely beneficial for the child’s immune system. Before I had my child, I was committed to exclusively nurse my son. I thought it would come naturally and didn’t understand why other women wouldn’t be doing it. While it may be completely natural, it is not necessarily easy. Like with so many things, expectation before giving birth and reality after giving birth turned out to be two different things. I had extreme difficulties nursing my baby at the beginning. I much later found out that my son had a lip tie which contributed to that. Moreover, it didn’t necessary help that I constantly had visitors at the hospital and at my home. I’m not the type of person that likes to be naked in front of other people and I feel like that these are intimate moments that should be enjoyed in private. In the hospital, I at least had the help of lactation consultants when my baby wouldn’t latch on. However, when I first came home with my baby, I had my entire family-in-law waiting at my home for me. I could have really used some time to settle in and figure things out with our newest addition to the family. The stress of having to breastfeed with an entire audience for the first time made me so nervous that I didn’t succeed. My baby threw a major fit and would not latch on. I felt like such a failure as a mom and that whole experience left me so traumatized that every time I tried to nurse after that, my baby boy just wouldn’t latch on so I resorted to pumping. However, I did have a success a few days later. Since I know so many moms out there are struggling with breastfeeding, I would like to give some tips on what to do and also reflect on what I would have done differently retrospectively:

  1. Lots of bonding and skin-to-skin

Like mentioned above, I had a terrible start to my breastfeeding journey which was so disappointing for me. I thought it would come so natural to me but because of several factors it didn’t. After difficulties at the beginning, I would also be afraid he wouldn’t latch before I even started feeding him that it became a self-fulfilling prophecy. But at some point I became determined that a rocky start wouldn’t determine the future anymore. After all, a lion mom doesn’t need a lactation consultant and knows what to do. So why should it be any different from a human mom. I decided to become a lioness. I did lots and lots of skin to skin with my baby in peace when no one except maybe my husband is as around. It was important to me to bond with him and for him to feel safe on my chest. I gave him little massages after bath time to relax him. And one rainy day when I was alone with him on the couch doing skin-to-skin, it just happened. He started nursing again and from then on, it wasn’t an issue anymore. I highly recommend getting as comfortable as possible for feedings. A good nursing pillow can help you and the baby. Moreover, you can still re-purpose it later for tummy time or a sitting pillow. Additionally, I would recommend get a few good nursing bras without a wire so your milk can flow properly. It is definitely recommended to get more than one in case any accidents such as leaking or baby spit-ups happen. Baby and Sunshine has amazing nursing bras even some with padding which I totally love.

Nursing bra from Baby and Sunshine

2. The benefits of pumping

Pumping certainly is a great way to get all the precious nutrients of breastmilk to your child when you are not around or when you have difficulties nursing. It is a bit tedious since it involves constantly cleaning and sterilizing pump parts and the bottle you use to fill in the milk. You should do it every 2 hours at the beginning and then once you have a good milk supply you can go over to pumping every 3 to four hours. Therefore, it is great that you have the ability for your partner or someone else to take over the feedings if you are ever gone longer than that time frame. It is also great for working moms. It is required by law that women are provided at area at work where they can pump. You can either bring a bag with ice-packs or store it in the company’s fridge. Moreover, there are microwave bags you can sterilize your pump parts in. Additionally, pumping is a great way to increase you milk supply. A lot of women like to pump one side while nursing the baby on the other side. Or they pump in between feeding to signal to their body that more milk is needed. Milk production works like supply and demand. Your body produces the amount of milk your body needs. If you skip feeding and pumping while giving them formula, it signals your body that your baby needs less and it lowers your supply. Hence, the more you subtract milk via nursing or pumping, the more your body will produce. Since I was such an avid pumper, my number 1 must have was a great pumping bra. Pumping can get extremely time-consuming and tedious. Thus, you want to be able to pump hands-free. I would pump at least 20 minutes every 3 hours. The pumping bra was holding the pump for me so I was able to eat, work, write blog posts, scroll the phone and pretty much every time that can be done sitting.

Pumping bra from Baby and Sunshine

3. Set boundaries

One of the lessons I learned from my last experience of having kids is to set boundaries. The first time around I thought I would have to make everyone else happy, however this came at the expense of my mental and physical well-being and affected my ability to nurse my child. You simply cannot pour from an empty cup and you already go through enough stress and exhaustion with a newborn baby. You really do not need anyone adding to it. If you do like to nurse in front of other people, make sure to either send people out of the room or go to another room. Limit visiting times to 30 minutes. And quite frankly, if you feel visitors interfere too much with your privacy and your ability to bond with your baby, limit them all together. Maybe people would be very understanding if you expressed how you feel to them. And if they don’t, that’s their problems and not yours. I know for a fact, that next time I wouldn’t be willing to constantly put myself in uncomfortable positions. If you do like to have visitors and actually find them helpful, then of course, this is completely up to you. I remember that I would never really know what to wear because I wanted to be presentable and comfortable at the same time. Next day, I would definitely opt for one of the super cute Baby and Sunshine dresses made for nursing moms.

Nursing friendly dress from Baby and Sunshine

I hope these tips were helpful to you and your breastfeeding journey. You got this, mom! And remember: whatever decision YOU make for your baby is the right decision. If you are committed to breastfeed, you have plenty of resources, besides being provided a lactation consultant in the hospital, there are also free La Leche League help groups in almost every area. Like mentioned above, having the right gear definitely helps. Check out Baby and Sunshine and all of their awesome items they have. You will love the premium quality and softness of the clothes and your little one will, too.

Why Baby and Sunshine?

Why Baby and Sunshine?

Being a mom blogger, I am on the constant hunt for the best and most useful products for babies and toddlers. Even though bloggers and influencers often get a bad rep for promoting everything that comes their way, I can say with pride that I only promote products and work with companies I believe in. Given that I work full-time and I am a mommy, I make sure that the rest of my precious time is filled with purpose and causes I believe in. I recently found an amazing company that I have collaborated with called Baby and Sunshine. In recent articles, I have already talked about their amazing subscription boxes filled with premium quality items for mom and baby. I have also embedded a video of me opening my second super box where you can see the exclusive items that were sent to me. But today I would like to talk a little more about the company itself so you can see how special it is and who you would be supporting when purchasing Baby and Sunshine subscription boxes.

The beginnings of Baby and Sunshine

Baby and Sunshine is owned by the Washington based couple Thao and USMC veteran Jeremiah. While the parents of two beautiful baby-girls love parenthood, they are also aware of the challenges that can come with it. Mom Thao says about pregnancy and the newborn stage: “When I was pregnant with my two daughters, I went through Postpartum Depression with both of them before I even gave birth. So months, years of constant mental turmoil and anguish. Dada here, did his best to be my rock, and for the babies too. There were days when I was happy and doing just fine, then there were days when I literally could not stop crying. And my husband had to pick up the slack – he’s gotten very good at changing diapers, cooking, cleaning, you name it! [lol] He’s a USMC veteran and I think taking care of babies is harder than his tours to Afghanistan! Laughs aside, through all this, we realized that when you’re building your family, on the outside there’s all this joy and cuteness, but on the inside, there could be a great deal of pain and struggle.” In addition to emotional struggles, the couple also had to struggle with their two babies’ sensitive skin. They were constantly on the hunt for the right fabric that would be gentle on their skin. However, not only did they spent a fortune in clothes their kids would outgrow in a heartbeat, but the clothes also tended to lose their softness after a few washes. Thus, they were looking for ways to make mom’s life easier by providing premium quality items for mom and baby. And this is how the idea for Baby and Sunshine was born! “Basically, your one-stop shop for parents who want to provide high quality and comfortable clothing for their babies and take care of mom at the same time. Then I realized, when you’re dealing with Postpartum Depression (before you even give birth), you don’t want to do anything, life basically loses meaning. Another mother in my shoes could struggle through the most menial task, including shopping and preparing for baby and herself. So that’s when we made the change to subscription boxes, this way we can be of service even more,” says Thao.

How are their subscription boxes different from others?

Baby and Sunshine takes a lot of pride in what they are doing and it shows. The company is very generous and truly believes in their products. Instead of filling their boxes up with paper to make it look like more (like a lot of other companies do), the customers will receive a box packed to the rim. To name an example of their generosity and commitment: the company recently sent me matching shirts from my family. When I sent them a picture, they noticed the shirt was rather big on me. Since they care about happy customers, they offered on their own to send me an extra short that would be better fitting. The owners comment “We want to provide incredible value through our boxes. We don’t make much profit at all per box, sometimes we break even or even lose a little bit. If you do the math, it comes out to around $10 per item. If you search for any other organic cotton footed onesie, it could cost you $20 or even $30+ for each piece. Not to mention our sleep sacks, to get this same quality anywhere else, you’re looking at $60 or $70+ each.” I personally can attest to that. My son has the Baby and Sunshine sleep sack and is extra comfy and so fluffy. It must feel like sleeping on a cloud. I have not found any sleep sack like that in any of the typical baby stores. When speaking about their overall mission, Thao says “Our ultimate goal is to make parents’ lives easier without costing them an arm and a leg. Everything that we do with Baby and Sunshine, every change that we make, we do through the eyes of being parents ourselves. We treat each and every person that interacts with Baby and Sunshine with as much care and generosity as we can, because we believe what you put out into the universe can either make it better or make it worse, and we certainly want to make it better.”

Affiliate Program

In addition to offering premium quality products, Baby and Sunshine also offers customers to become part of their Affiliate Program. Through this program, customers can create a link and share that link with friends and family. If someone purchases through the said link, the customer will receive a whopping 20% commission on each sale. Baby and Sunshine is very committed to making moms’ lives easier and offering them to generate income through their platform is part of their mission and their #SAHMenabled (stay-at-home-mom enabled) movement. With Baby and Sunshine, (1) the store offers you amazing boxes full of high-quality items at an incredible price, (2) their Affiliate Program creates a great way to make a high commission, (3) the #SAHMenabled movement gives moms a great opportunity to connect, grow, support, put food on the table, and so much more! Baby and Sunshine is committed to put as much goodness out into the universe as they possibly can.

What does the future hold for Baby and Sunshine?

One of the main goals for 2021 is to expand to global shipping. As there is a lot of interest from Canada, the UK, Australia, and other countries, this is definitely going to be one of the company’s priorities to figure out reasonably priced shipping outside the U.S. Another future goal for the company is to create a “used items” program that allows moms and babies who no longer can fit or use the items to gift them to a parent who can’t afford our boxes but desperately need items of quality.

I am glad I was able to give you a little more information about this wonderful company. Also, I have exciting news. This week we will be running a giveaway on Instagram where we are gifting a Super Box valued at $124.99 to one lucky winner. Check out the link below and give us a follow at @themiamimami_ and @baby_and_sunshine

Why Self-care is so important for moms

Why Self-care is so important for moms

If you are like most moms, you probably focus most of your energy and time on your child’s well-being. Moms are known to be one of the most selfless human beings. It starts with sacrificing your body while suffering through nausea and other side effects of pregnancies until bringing your baby to this world in the most unimaginable pain. And it certainly does not end there. Many moms spend endless nights taking care of their babies and worrying about them when they are older. I have heard a lot of parents of grown-up children say that they have never stopped worrying- they just worry about different things depending on the age of their child. While it is truly admirable that moms put their children first, it is necessary to point out that self-care is so important for moms. Ever heard the saying “you cannot pour from an empty cup?” It is so applicable to moms especially since they are in charge of caring for another human being. It is extremely difficult to help someone else if you are not well yourself. When I first had my baby, I never wanted anyone to help and felt like I should do everything on my own. But I have learned to take care of myself so I can take better care of my little one. Here is my 7-step guide on how moms should focus on their own well-being from time to time:

Step 1- Self-care: I cannot emphasize enough how important self-care is. You cannot pour from an empty cup. It is crucial to hit the brakes from time to time and enjoy some well-deserved “me-time.” Have your husband (or a babysitter of your choice) take care of your child while you have some uninterrupted time to recharge your batteries. I personally like getting my hair done or get mani-pedis. Other love to go shopping to relax. There’s a reason it’s called retail therapy.

Step 2- Find the time to work-out: This doesn’t mean you have to do some full-fledged gym workout. It can be as simple as just doing a 10 minute YouTube workout or going for a walk around the block. Exercising releases endorphins and helps tremendously at reducing stress. Start your day with a workout and you’ll feel more energized throughout the day.

Step 3- Get in your zzz’s: I know we’re all busy and have excuses but getting in a solid 7-8 hours of quality sleep at night is so crucial to reduce your stress levels. Try to not use any electronics close to bedtime. If you need extra help relaxing, you can do some light yoga before going to bed and use essential oils.

Step 4 – Have some adult time: If you keep having the song “Baby Shark” stuck in your head, chances are you spend too much time being baby stuff and not enough time doing adult things. I know from my own experience that sometimes you get so in the zone of focusing all your time on your happy that you almost forget that you are a person with needs as well. What helped me personally was to get back to work. The feeling of putting some real clothes and make-up on (as opposed to the yoga pants and top knot I was rocking for the first couple of weeks after my son was born) and having adult conversations made me feel like a woman again. Obviously, not every mom wants to go back to work but I highly recommend carving out some adults when you meet your friends for coffee or brunch.

Step 5 – Have date nights: Once you become a parent, chances are you want to spend all the time with your baby. I remember that my husband and had our first baby-free night two weeks after my son was born to go out to dinner for my birthday. All we ended up doing was talking about our baby and watching him on the camera app from our phones. However, it is so important to make time for some romance. When I talk to divorced people and ask them what led to their divorce, they tell me that the romance in their relationship was gone and that they were merely parents at the end and not partners anymore. It is important to keep the flame alive.  Try to get someone to watch your child every once in a while and spend some quality time with your partner where the two of you can bond. Remember that before you were parents, you were lovers and both don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Step 6 – Meditate: You have to believe me on this one! When your baby sleeps or you have a few moments completely to yourself, sit down in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and breathe in and out deeply. Try to block out any negative or stressful thoughts and just concentrate on your breath. Do this for at least five minutes every day. It will help you clear your mind and focus your energies. You will feel like a million bucks if you do this properly.

Step 7 – Keep a Journal: While it is always easy to focus on all the negative things in your life, it is a lot more powerful to be grateful for the positive things that are happening in your life. Maybe your baby kept you up all night but is he a healthy baby? Maybe you gained some weight during pregnancy but did you have a healthy pregnancy? Try to journal all your blessings by stating how grateful you are for them. The universe usually rewards gratitude with more blessings. Try it out and I promise something positive will happen to you.

I hope this guide will help you practice more self-care which is so important for moms. Baby and Sunshine has an excellent subscription service that can help moms save time and energy to focus more on themselves. Their subscription boxes will be delivered right to your doorstep. They pick out and personalize high-quality items for mom and baby tailored to their needs. They offer a lot of items that help moms take care of themselves after having a baby such as nursing bras, pumping bras, belly binders, waist trainers, and a lot more. And the best thing is you can let them know your preferences in a survey and they will plan it for you. Check them out under this link! This is a great investment to save some time and money, so you have more left for yourself and your baby. Follow them on Instagram under @baby_and_sunshine and follow me under @themiamimami_ . Also check out their YouTube channel below :

Let me know your self-care tips in the comments!

“5 Things you need to know about having your first baby,” Part 2

“5 Things you need to know about having your first baby,” Part 2

In my last blog post “5 Things you need to know about having your first baby,” I covered some of the issues moms can expect after giving birth; however, there is just so much more to it that I felt like writing a part 2. I remember there was a lot that caught me by surprise after I had my first child. When I talked to other moms, a lot of them had the same experiences. But it seems that there are certain topics that people like to avoid talking about. Personally, I believe that it is very important for new moms to have a community where they can share their experiences about the good, the bad, and the ugly of motherhood. Especially, this year where moms are bringing kids to this world under the “new normal” and new challenges are arising. Therefore, I will talk about some of the more uncomfortable truths about motherhood hoping that it will help someone.

 1)     Female hygiene after childbirth

After a woman gives birth to a child, the body has to recover from the amazing job it has done of creating human life. Her body now has to rid itself of all the extra blood and tissue it needed for your baby during pregnancy. Thus, women experience bleeding for up to six weeks after giving birth. The hospital – or midwife if it was a homebirth – usually provides the new mom with all she needs for her postpartum care. This usually includes some sort of big pad, epifoam (or whatever recommended for any tearing), and mesh panty – often referred to as the adult diaper. In all honesty, it does look a bit weird and you really won’t be feeling the sexiest wearing this but the big silver lining is that this phase will pass and everything will go back to normal eventually. While you are still in this uncomfortable phase, it is important that you wear very comfortable clothing. Additionally, you want to make sure to only wear fabric that is soft to your skin. Due to the change in hormonal levels, you may be experiencing allergies on your body which is why it is important to be gentle to your skin while you are recovering.

2) Nursing and its side effects 

While many women are not very excited about having to wear adult diapers, the look of their postpartum breasts usually makes up for that. Once the milk comes in, a woman’s breast size grows by a few cups. While some may be delighted by the sight of their new boobs, it is very important to take all the necessary precautions. First, women should not wear any bras with a wire while breastfeeding or pumping. The milk needs to be flowing freely and a wired bra could lead to a clogged duct or painful mastitis. Postpartum bra and especially nursing bras are the way to go for new moms. For pumping moms, I would highly suggest to also get a bra that can hold the pump since it is very time-consuming. Also, you may be leaking milk so I can once again reiterate that it is important to wear comfortable clothing that is not too tight. In addition, nursing pads to catch any leaking milk are very helpful as well.

3) Take it easy on the movement

While you are still recovering, it is recommended to not work out for the first 6 to 8 weeks until cleared by your doctor. You want to make sure to drink a lot of water and make sure you’re resting. Try not to run around the house too much taking care of things. Most women experience postpartum swelling after giving birth which is why they are given compression socks for your legs in the hospital. Try to put your feet up and relax. However, if you want to get a head start on bouncing back before you can do any sort of physical activity, you can wear a postpartum belly binder. They come in three pieces and will help you bounce back into shape.

4) Social distancing during COVID-19 

Besides all the struggles moms normally go through during pregnancy and after childbirth, the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 has made things a little harder on new and expecting moms. Normally, a pregnant mom is celebrated throughout pregnancy and ends up getting most of the items she needs during the baby shower. I remember even outside of my baby shower, I had people come over bringing me clothes and other gifts for my bundle of joy while I was pregnant. However, 2020 put a big damper on this celebratory time. Most baby showers were canceled and due to social distancing most expecting couples couldn’t have any visitors. Subsequently, most expecting or new moms did not receive as many gifts for the baby as it used to be the case. 

Certainly, having a child can be tough on the body. Therefore, self-care and having help is crucial to postpartum recovery. Getting help this year might be a little more challenging than during previous years but rest assured – you are not alone, mama! Baby and Sunshine has an amazing subscription box service that delivers all the items you need for your little one right to your doorstep. Your box will include comfortable high-quality clothes you can wear during your postpartum recovery, functional nursing bras, as well as belly binders. If you are expecting or if you just had a baby, you can let them know what items you need and they will compile an awesome personalized box with the cutest and most efficient items so you won’t rely on anyone else. If you know a new or expecting mom, brighten up her day by ordering her a one-time box to her house. Not only will you help a mom who needs support now more than ever but you will also support mom-owned businesses. Baby and Sunshine has made it their mission to collaborate with mom and pop owned businesses. Most of the September boxes already included items from two small business owner moms Happy Momma Merch and Adry’s Boutique. This month they’ll be adding another SAHM-business Crochet Crafts by Sandy who will be providing handmade crotchet baby blankets and adorable baby hats. Check out Baby and Sunshine under this link and have an awesome month of October!

5 Things you need to know about having your first baby

5 Things you need to know about having your first baby

My pregnancy with my first child was a time overfilled with joy but also with uncertainty. We were so excited to be expanding our family but at the same time, we were clueless about what to expect. I used to think of parents as people who have some naturally born expertise in having children but I realized quickly that no one has a clue what they are doing when having the first baby. But that is ok since parents usually end up figuring everything out. My husband and I would spend so many days (and nights) researching the best baby gear, going to different childbirth preparedness classes, and I read several books on pregnancy and having children. However, we all know that theory and practice do not always match. While being pregnant, I would envision some peaceful scenario of me snuggling peacefully with my little sunshine, exclusively breastfeeding him, all while simultaneously getting back in shape in a heartbeat. But reality turned out to be quite different. A lot of things ended up not being as easy or natural as I thought I would. Here is a list of challenges you might come across and solutions to these challenges.

  1. Life in yoga pants

Before I had a child, I vouched that I would still want to look great as a mom. I saw a ton of pictures of bloggers and influencers looking absolutely stunning when taking their newborn home from the hospital and in the weeks after. Subsequently, I was planning on doing the same. However, it is easier said than done. In the first couple of weeks of having your first baby, you won’t have a lot of time to do anything for yourself. This applies to eating, showering, and even going to the bathroom. Needless to say, you won’t feel like putting on make-up or dressing up. As a matter of fact, as a new mom, you will find yourself wearing the most comfortable clothes sometimes for days at a time because you will mainly be spending time at home taking care of your little one. I was basically living in yoga pants for the first weeks after having my baby boy. Baby and Sunshine offers extremely comfortable yoga pants in all different colors as part of their subscription box. They are very high quality and also make a great shape. I also get a lot of compliments when I wear mine.

Yoga Pants

2. Breastfeeding may not come as natural as you thought it would

Exclusively breastfeeding was another expectation of mine that was crushed by reality. I thought it would come naturally and would be a piece of cake to breastfeed my child. However, I struggled with it a lot. A lot of factors came together that made it impossible for me to solely feed my child through this method. My baby didn’t latch correctly which I later found out was due to a lip-tie. Also, he had had high bilirubin levels which made me decide to supplement with formula. However, the supplementing lowered my milk supply. While this journey was disheartening, I still tried to breastfeed as much as I could for the first six months. What helped me a lot with the right feeding technique was the right nursing pillow and nursing bra. Baby and Sunshine offers awesome nursing pillows with baby head support and bras to make your nursing journey a lot more comfy. I also relied heavily on pumping since I already started working a month after giving birth. Having a pumping bra was such a lifesaver and timesaver at the same time. You get to multi-task and take care of things while the pump does its job. Baby and Sunshine has all sorts of nursing bras even a model where you can pump on one side while feeding your baby on the other side which helps tremendously in increasing your milk supply.

3. The mommy tummy

Like mentioned above, I looked at too many pics of public figures that looked quite amazing after giving birth that I had the unrealistic expectation that I would bounce back immediately after having my first baby. To my surprise, I still looked pregnant for the first couple of weeks after giving birth. As a matter of fact, it will actually take a while for the uterus and hence the belly to shrink back. Sometimes, it won’t shrink back at all and women keep having a visible lower belly pouch often referred to as the “mommy tummy.” One way to prevent this is to use a post-partum girdle. Baby and Sunshine has an awesome 3-piece belly binder for postpartum recovery that can help you prevent getting that mommy pouch and help shrink your uterus back. Once you are a few weeks postpartum, you can use their high-waist body shaper which will further help in shrinking your tummy. My son is two and still wear mine every day since it helps with a flatter stomach.

4. Buy useful things

I remember when I was pregnant, my husband and I would go to Target to buy a few things for the baby but almost 400 dollars later, we came home with a ton of fancy baby outfits. We just had to buy every single baby tuxedo and tiny businessman outfit we could get our hands on. And we committed an even bigger mistake: we bought all of these in newborn size. Obviously, we did not even take him out anywhere until he had his 8-week doctor appointment. All we really needed where comfortable baby clothes that can be changed easily due to spit-ups and diaper blow-outs. Needless to say, we only used the fancy outfits for pictures and he never wore some of them. Baby and Sunshine will make sure to send you not only useful clothing items for your baby but also very high-quality ones. You will find a lot of soft pajamas, onesies, and bodysuits made out of premium quality materials that are gentle to your baby’s skin.

Soft Baby and Sunshine PJ’s

5. Making baby feel comfortable and adjust to the “outside life”

There is a reason people call the first couple of months of a newborn baby the fourth trimester. At times, the transition from inside the womb to the outside world can be a bit rough on the little ones. That is why it is important to keep them extremely comfortable to adjust to their new environment. Swaddles are a great way to achieve this goal. They are meant to keep them snuggled, tight, and warm like they were inside mommy’s belly. Baby and Sunshine has some wonderful, soft swaddles for babies made out of premium materials such as bamboo, organic cotton, and wool. This will help your little one sleep better which of course, leads to mommy getting more sleep as well – and you will need all the sleep you can get during the newborn phase. Once they have outgrown their swaddles or they constantly try to break out of it, you can transition them to Baby and Sunshine’s comfy sleep sack. It keeps your little one extra warm and it is so ultra-soft that it makes them feel like they are sleeping on a cloud.

Mamas, if you are taking away only one thing from this article is to please choose comfort over looks during your challenging postpartum life. If I could do it all over again, I would worry less about how I look like after giving birth and cute outfits for the baby and more about being comfortable and bonding with the baby. Thankfully, Baby and Sunshine is here to support you in getting exactly what you and your little one need after childbirth. If you want more information on how they can help you with your hospital, please read this article. Other than that, please check out their website and have them worry about what you need. You stay healthy, mama, and enjoy your new bundle of joy!

New exciting Baby and Sunshine website and collabs with mom-owned small businesses

New exciting Baby and Sunshine website and collabs with mom-owned small businesses

Last week, we already covered all the awesomeness that Baby and Sunshine subscription boxes have to offer. But it is getting even better! We are so excited to give you some exciting news. First of all, the Baby and Sunshine website comes in a brand-new design. It is much easier to navigate and you can order special holiday boxes. Check out all the awesome new improvements here. Our second exciting announcement is….drumroll…. Baby and Sunshine partnered up with two mommy entrepreneurs and will from now on offer their products as well! The collabs with Happy Momma Merch and Adry’s Boutique allows Baby and Sunshine to offer their customers even more premium items while at the same time supporting mom-owned small businesses.

Meet the founder of Happy Momma Merch

About Happy Momma Merch:

Happy Momma Merch is a brand-new and mom-owned online apparel business. When the founder had her first baby, she could not fathom leaving her child behind to go back to work. Many moms face this dilemma but are left with no other choice than to go back to work due to financial reasons. However, this mom rolled up her sleeves and found a different solution. Like a true bad-ass, she educated herself on how to open her own online apparel shop. This is how Happy Momma Merch was founded. This momma creates the vast majority of her merchandise from scratch at home. You can find the cutest merch in her online shop! There is a collection with empowering Tees and hoodies for mommies and even an autism awareness line. Furthermore, she creates hilarious and cute matching outfits for mom and baby. Since this line is all about being inclusive, there is also a whole line of Daddy and baby matching shirts. My husband loves to match with our son and he was so excited to scroll through all the items. There is a lot more for the whole family and for all occasions. You should check out her Halloween merch and in order your cute outfits just in time:

Mama Bird shirt from Happy Momma Merch

Subscribers can find her adorably cute teethers in their upcoming Baby and Sunshine subscription boxes! Check it out HERE.

Teether from Happy Momma Merch

About Adry’s Boutique:

Adriana, a military wife and mom of both – boy and girl – is very passionate about designing clothes and accessories for small children. She handmakes adorable boy shorts, also called bummies, for all occasions in all kinds of creative designs. She also designs skirted bummies for girls and matching bummies and headbands. Moreover, she specializes in making bows. And every girl mom knows that a bow is a must-have especially in the first couple of years. These bows and headbands are available in all sorts of styles: Sherpa headband, twisted headband, bows on clip or on nylon, pony bows, stretchy wrap bows, and even baby turban hats. These are available for newborns to toddlers. She will also do special orders such as burp cloths or bandana bibs. You will have the right apparel for your kiddos in every season, e.g. Halloween, Valentine’s day, Football season, and a lot more. My favorite items are the matching stars and stripes bummies and bows which are just the perfect outfit for every U.S. holiday. You can find her on Facebook under Customers can make special requests when it comes to fabric and matching items. The great news is that subscribers of Baby and Sunshine can find matching Mom Headbands + Baby Girl Bows, OR matching Mom Headbands + Baby Boy Bummies in their upcoming Sunshine subscription boxes. Baby and Sunshine is very excited about this collab with the mom-owned small business Adry’s Boutique.

Adorable bow from Adry’s Boutique

By subscribing to our boxes, customers are able to:

– Support mom and pop small businesses

– Find wonderful handmade items

– Receive a variety of high-quality premium essentials

– Get all this and always at a very fair price

– Update their personalization survey before every delivery (you will get an email reminder) in case sizes have changed

 – Get a great surprise delivered to your doorstep every single month

– Have exclusive access to mom and baby items that are not available in stores

– Have someone else take care of your hospital bag or baby shower gift

– Get free shipping within the U.S.

Bummie from Adry’s Boutique

Baby and Sunshine’s 2020 Giveaway

As mentioned above, Baby and Sunshine is a business that cares a lot about moms and their well-being. We all know that 2020 has not been the easiest year in general and must have been particularly challenging for moms with small babies. In order to give back to the community, Baby and Sunshine would love to give a free Super Box to a struggling mom. Do you know a mom with a new baby (0-24 months) affected by one of 2020’s disasters? If you do, you can still nominate them under this link. The contest is still going on until 9/30/2020.

Make sure to check out Baby and Sunshine website in a brand-new look to find out more about our subscription boxes, giveaways, and find some pictures and testimonials from existing customers. Baby and Sunshine is so very excited to be supporting momma-owned small businesses! It is the company’s long-term goal to work with as much of these businesses as possible and support mompreneurs (and of course, Dadpreneurs as well).

All of mommy’s and baby’s needs in one box

All of mommy’s and baby’s needs in one box

Every new mom knows how exhausting life is after you just had a baby. And by exhausting I really mean, it’s absolute craziness! Before I had my first-born son, I had no idea what was coming for me. Sure, I had heard a lot about sleeping a little less with a newborn but figured it couldn’t be too bad.

While I was pregnant people often gave me the advice “Sleep when the baby sleeps” to which I sarcastically responded in my head: “oh yeah? And then I do laundry when the baby does laundry?” You will notice that you will not have a lot of time for yourself or to do anything including basic functions such as showering and eating. But you know what? I am here to tell you that it will be o.k. This will pass and holding your bundle of joy in your arms will be the best thing in the world. However, you do want to make sure beforehand that you are well-prepared and as comfortable as possible while getting to know your little sunshine so you can focus on bonding with each other. Unfortunately, I was not that well prepared nor did I buy the most useful items, e.g. I had bought a ton of cute little baby tuxedos which ended being completely pointless as I didn’t even take the baby out of the house for the first couple of weeks. I should have focused on buying useful items for me and the baby but was just overwhelmed and unsure. But it doesn’t have to that way! I wish I would have discovered baby and sunshine subscription boxes earlier. They personalize the highest quality items for you and your baby. They carefully handpick every item tailored to mommy’s and baby’s needs.

Premium quality pajamas from Baby and Sunshine

The hospital bag – what to pack? 

The question what to pack in the hospital bag was a major mission in my third trimester. I probably spent weeks packing of stressing about everything I thought I would need. I ended up taking a bunch of things that ended up being completely useless such as shirts and dresses not fit for nursing. Thankfully, the staff at Baby and Sunshine are experienced professionals who know exactly what mommy and baby need. They will handpick high quality onesies for your baby, a comfy and pretty outfit for you so you have one less thing to stress about. Moreover, you will get comfy socks for mommy and baby which is very important since hospitals tend to be extremely chilly. They will also add nursing bras and tanks that will make it easier to breastfeed. Also, if you let them know your due date beforehand, Baby and Sunshine will ship out a “hospital essentials” box a month before so that you would have most of what you will need to go to the hospital to give birth. Trust me – you will appreciate having someone else care of the content of your hospital bag so you have one less thing to worry about.

At home with the baby – what now?

Once parents are home with their newborn baby, they are usually overfilled with joy but also with fear about doing everything right especially if it is their first child. One thing all parents want to do is to create a peaceful environment for their little ones to grow healthy and happily. Since mommy will have a lot on her plate, from feeding to changing diapers all under a lack of sleep, it is important to make sure that she is taken care of as well. The subscription boxes include comfy nursing pillows that make sure that mommy can bond with her little one in the most comfortable position avoid any back pains or other discomforts. Clearly, nursing pillows have a lot of advantages since you can use them later for tummy time and other developmental stages such as sitting up. The boxes also include high quality swaddles so your little one feels cozy for the many little naps he’ll take throughout the day and night.

The mommy tummy 

Let’s talk about something most women do not like to talk about. The so-called mommy tummy! I had the unrealistic expectation that I would bounce right back after giving birth and was quite surprised that I almost looked as pregnant as before for the first couple of days after giving birth. As a matter of fact, it will actually take a while for the uterus and hence the belly to shrink back. However, a good post-partum belly binder can help expedite that process. Baby and Sunshine offers and amazing 3-piece belly binder that will help flatten the belly and get a better posture. Like I mentioned before, unfortunately Baby and Sunshine was not around when I gave birth. But I do have one of their waist trainers and wear it every day. It is one of the most comfortable and effective waist trainers from all the ones I have tried.

Already gave birth but your child is still less than two years old?

If you are like me and you already had your baby and think: “What a shame I didn’t know about these subscription boxes earlier!”, don’t worry! Baby and Sunshine has A LOT in store for moms of babies from 0 to 24 months old. As a matter of fact, I have only received my first box recently. And I can with all honesty say that all the items are extraordinarily beautiful and high quality. All baby items are made out of the comfiest baby fabrics such as organic cotton, bamboo, cashmere, wool, and more. Having a personalized box delivered right to your door will save you a lot of time that you can spend with your baby instead. Moreover, most of these items are only available for Baby and Sunshine subscription holders. You can choose between a box only for mom, one only for baby, or one for both.  I received the Superbox for Mommy and Baby. I loved the fact that they sent sanitizing wipes with every item. Keep reading for the contents of my box.

Here is what was in my box:

For Mommy:

Shape fitting leggings: These yoga pants look amazing. They shape your legs very nicely and are extremely comfortable at the same time.

Cover-Up: They also sent me a beautiful white cover-up that I was able to were during our large beach vacation since it is very loose fitting.

Waist Trainer: I already spoke highly about my latex waist trainer with steel bones in one of the previous paragraphs. I love that this one is not too thick and bends with you. I sometimes wear it all day and forget to take it off. That’s how comfortable it is.

For Baby:

Sleep Sack: This ultra soft 3-layer bamboo baby sleep sack is a lot softer and higher quality than the regular sleep sacks you can buy. Even though my son is already 2 years old, he loves his sleep sacks. He doesn’t like blankets and just kicks them off. Thankfully, this sleep sack is fairly big and keeps him warm throughout the night.

Hooded Towel: This plush bamboo hooded baby towel has two ears which makes my son look too cute when wearing it. On top of it, the fabric is very soft.

Cute and soft hooded towel from Baby and Sunshine

Very comfy pajamas: Very cute and soft 2 piece pajamas that say “I’m the apple of my father’s eye and the center of my mother’s heart.” The material feels so nice that I turned this into his “special occasion PJ’s.”

Onesie: Very cute kimono onesie that says “Let’s Go” is made out of bamboo.

Diaper Caddie: I also got a beautiful diaper caddie bag. In my opinion, you can never have enough of these so you can carry the baby’s items from one room to the other for bath time.

I think you got an idea about how enthusiastic I am about my subscription. And in all in honesty, what’s not to like? With the subscripton box you get

  • Exclusive access to premium items for mom and baby that are only available for Baby and Sunshine subscriptions
  • A personalized box customized for your needs delivered right to your doorsteps
  • You can choose if you want monthly or less frequent deliveries
  • You can have them send you your hospital bag contents in a bag so you have more time with your precious bundle of joy
  • Never worry again about what gifts to bring for a new or expectant mom
  • You can cancel at anytime
  • All of this will save you a lot if time and money!

If you would like to order a box or know someone you would like to order one for subscribe HERE.