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If you’re an individual with an entrepreneurial spirit, there is little anyone can do to deter you from starting your business. While it is true that all businesses require an investment of time and capital to take off, not all of them are made equal. In this article, we’ll explore various business ideas which are easy to execute, can be funded through bootstrapping, and are scalable.

Pet Sitting

Professional pet caregivers are responsible for the animal’s wellbeing while its owners are away. This can include, feeding, walking, play, bathing, and more. If you’re someone who loves animals and has the experience of being a pet owner, this is a business you can excel at. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job prospects in this sector are expected to grow by 33% in the next decade, which is higher than most other occupations.



This is a popular option among first-time entrepreneurs as it is low risk and affordable to set up. Dropshipping involves selling products through your online store. However, you do not need to uptake the responsibility of manufacturing, inventory, and shipping, as it is outsourced to a wholesale partner. Your core focus will be on creating a brand, marketing products, making sales, and providing exceptional customer service. As reported by Oberlo, using Shopify makes it extremely easy to set up a store and get your business off the ground in no time.



This business involves leveraging your subject matter knowledge to provide quality service to clients. An important decision you’ll need to make is choosing a niche, which can include:


  • Teaching a language
  • Test prep (SAT, ACT, etc.)
  • College application
  • Pre-K

While some niches may need an educational qualification, others will require you to showcase experience and control over the topics.



If you have in-demand skills such as content writing, graphic design, web development, UI/UX design, etc. strive to build a business around that. However, as the competition in this space is as high as it has ever been, your focus will need to be on providing quality rather than attractive prices.

For example, rather than taking up all writing projects that come your way, decide on a niche, such as writing e-books, and work for numerous clients until your services become known in that field. This will allow you to create a scalable business and perform better than the competition.

Irrespective of the type of business you choose, here are a few important prerequisites to keep in mind:


Conduct Market Research

Invest time in learning as much as you can about your industry. This includes customer behavior, competitor performance, market trends, etc. Based on this research, try to find areas where you create a competitive advantage.


Create a Business Plan

This will serve as an all-encompassing roadmap for your business. It should cover your goals, services/products, future goals, funding requirements, and utilization.


Register Your Business

Establishing your business as a sole proprietorship or a Limited Liability Company (LLC) are the two best options. An LLC will provide the added benefits of paying lower taxes, liability protection, and greater flexibility in management.


Along with having an entrepreneurial drive, you will also need to develop the skills of financial management, communication, marketing, delegation, strategy building, and much more. The perfect way to learn these skills is to pursue an online MBA degree from a reputed institute such as the University of Phoenix.

An online program will allow you to balance running your business and completing the degree simultaneously. The knowledge you acquire from your degree will help you overcome real-life scenarios presented by your business. Additionally, an online MBA costs only a fraction compared to traditional degrees, resulting in you having more funds to invest in your business.

All the ideas we mention above require little to no start-up cost but have the potential to scale and allow you to earn profits in the long run. The only thing left to do now is to get cracking and launch your first business!


This is a guest article written by Dean Burgess from Excitepreneur

PJ Library partnered with the Miami Children’s Museum for a special outdoor Chanukah celebration! Head to the museum on Sunday, November 21 at 11 AM for storytime and a Chanukah-themed play dough experience. We’ll use tools and loose parts such as dreidels, gold coins and candles to promote open-ended play and creativity. Children will then be able to take home their dough to continue the fun for all 8 nights of Chanukah!

RESERVE YOUR SPOT as space will be limited to 20 children (each accompanied by only one adult). Face masks will be required. Free with required museum admission payment.

Start Small Business in Local Community

Location matters when starting your own business. Ideally, you’ll want to choose an area that’s closer to home for the many practical benefits it offers. This is partly the reason why starting a business in your local community may be a good idea. But that’s not the only one. Here are some other reasons why starting a business in your local community is a good idea.


Create more jobs 

Local businesses play an essential part in creating jobs within the community. And when the community is uplifted through job creation, this creates a positive ripple effect on the general atmosphere of your neighborhood.


A more defined community identity

Successful small businesses help to put their community on the map. They do this by building a defined community identity, one in which places and streets are recognized simply because they do business there. For an area that is up and coming, having a solid community identity as its backbone will go a far way in uplifting the town as a whole.


Diversifying the marketplace


Small businesses often bring ingenuity to the community by offering something different, fresh, and unexpected. This adds variety to the marketplace and gives it something to stand out from similar, competing marketplaces. In addition, this spark of creativity gives people something to talk about and can act as a drawcard to encourage tourists to drop by to see what all the fuss is about.


What you can do to get more involved


Sponsor events

Sponsoring an event within your community is one way to get involved with what’s happening. It’s a chance to stay up to date with current events and an opportunity to do your bit to lighten the load by providing corporate sponsorships to community organizers that might not have the funds to organize a noteworthy event.


Partnering with your community

Find ways to partner with and support fellow businesses in any way you can. This can further enhance community relationships with fellow business owners and strengthen the business marketplace in your neighborhood.


Donate to a worthy cause 

Making donations to worthy causes is another way to uplift and encourage the community. And inspire others to come together and do their bit for those in need. This is yet another example of how to build a community that is strongly united and dedicated to making positive changes in the lives of others.


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Education and Tourism: The Value of Museums to Local Communities

Education is one of the most commonly recognized assets of museums. They offer a field trip location as well as providing an opportunity for fun, informational family outings. However, tourism is another big reason local communities should appreciate their museums. Tourism revenue floods directly into the local economy, benefiting everyone living in the area. If you don’t yet fully realize the value of your local museum, Miami Mami offers a few reasons to start supporting it.

Museums Encourage a Love of Learning

Some kids find their desire to learn smothered by standard education techniques. Lecture-based learning works for some but just doesn’t cut it for others. When classes take field trips to museums, kids who struggle with focusing in class, retaining information from lessons, or learning with lecture and notes alone are often hugely benefited. Interesting visuals, fun facts, hands-on exhibits, and activities offered by the museum are all great ways to reteach kids how fun learning can be.

They are also very aware of the wide range of learning styles and abilities found among their guests. No matter what the person’s learning style, there is bound to be an exhibit, activity, or app that makes learning easy.

Museums Add to Tourism

While most museums are not the main draw for tourism, they are always an added benefit. Museums offer an activity regardless of season or weather, providing an option for those rainy days. Museums also often educate on the surrounding area, teaching tourists new and interesting facts about the history, diversity, and local culture of its community. This information can tell tourists where to find historical or cultural areas they would have never found on their own, potentially increasing tourist flow. Best of all, many hotels and vacation rentals are in close proximity to popular attractions and museums, which offers an extra boost for families and visitors seeking walkable options.

Museums Preserve the History of a Community

As time passes, the best way to preserve daily life in a given community is through museums. Now, your local museum likely contains artifacts from indigenous groups that lived in the area, remnants of European immigrants, and pieces of any history unique to the area. This information is great for teaching kids the history of their community, but in the future, your local museum holds artifacts from life today.

While plenty of information is recorded and artifacts preserved from certain time periods, museums are the only way that information is made easily accessible and comprehensible to the public. If you want your great-grandchildren to know how life was in your day, it’s up to you to support your local museum.

Museums Create the Opportunity for Cultural Education

Most museums have exhibits on their community’s diversity. Traditional works of art, historical artifacts, and documentation of daily life in other cultures are all excellent ways to promote cultural sharing and education. It’s an ideal first step to educate the community on diversity, a critical aspect of raising accepting, successful children as well as promoting intercultural respect. Furthermore, these types of exhibits are a wonderful way to teach kids about their heritages, potentially maintaining the languages and traditions of the local cultures.

And young students aren’t the only ones who benefit. The hands-on learning that museums offer provides a significant advantage to up-and-coming history teachers working through their training and certification programs, and will be of use well beyond graduation, once they’re in the classroom teaching full-time.

Museums have great community value. They help schools educate their kids in a myriad of ways to help them learn and supplement lessons. Museums also support tourism by offering an indoor activity for bad weather while educating tourists on historic, cultural, or otherwise interesting locations to visit during their stay. They also offer a great way for minority kids to learn about their roots. Lastly, local museums are the leading vessel for history education and preservation. By supporting your local museum with donations, patronage, or volunteer work, you are supporting your entire community.


This article is a guest post written by Gloria Martinez from


fall things to do with kids in miami

It can be difficult to get into the fall spirit in Miami because the only temperature we have all year round is HOT. But thanks to all the different family-friendly events in Miami-Dade County, you will have plenty of options to go to experience fall, pumpkin spice, and everything nice. Here 5 things to do this fall in Miami:

1) Pumpkin Patch at Pittman Park, Coral Gables, on Saturday, October 16th from 2 pm – 6 pm.                          Celebrate fall in the City Beautiful! Hundreds of pumpkins of all sizes will take over Pittman Park.
Enjoy live music, pumpkin decorating, face painting, food and beverages for purchase,
and adorable picture-perfect fall portrait areas.
The event is FREE.
2) Pumpkin Patch at Pinto’s Farm on Saturdays and Sundays until October 31st. Admission includes 1 pumpkin, unlimited rides, photo ops, hay maze, magic show, and petting zoo.

3) The Little Farm Fall Festival on Saturdays and Sundays from October 9th until October 31st. $12 admission includes a pumpkin patch, animal interactions, hay maze, children’s playfield, butterfly garden, local food vendors, and pony rides.

4) Walkthrough Spooky Safari Tour & Covid Safe Pumpkin Patch at Animal EDventure & Safari, Boynton Beach. 2nd Spooky Safari (walkthrough) with private Covid safe pumpkin patches. Tours have to be scheduled via text at 561-350-6948.

5) Tinez Farms Fall Festival: Pumpkin Patch & Fall Shows from September 10th thru November 7th, 2021. Enjoy pop-up vendors, photo ops, kids’ activities, live music, hay bale castle & maze, animal barnyard, and more.


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Brickell City Center Gather

One of the many reasons I love being a mom in Miami is that there are so many fun activities to do for the whole family. This Friday, we went to the Brickell City Centre to participate in the Trousseau Paint-A-Pillow event at their pop-up Gather playground. Gather is BCC’s community and family programming platform dedicated to bringing unique, safe, and fun interactive experiences for all ages in and around the Brickell community. Brickell City Centre, in general, is a very family-friendly place as there a several dining options, kids’ stores, a movie theatre, and a lot more. Gather playground is a nice addition where the whole family gets to take a break and play. This playground offers both locals and tourists opportunities to play, explore, and dwell as they enjoy activities such as hopscotch, crawl tunnels, jump steps, Connect 4, life-size Jenga, and cornhole. Located at Brickell City Centre’s Garden Deck on Level 2.

Brickell City Centre Gather

Painting a pillowcase at Gather BCC

The Trousseau Paint-A-Pillow event

On Friday, we took part in one of Gather’s special events: Paint-A-Pillow in partnership with Trousseau. Parents got to decorate a pillowcase together with their kid(s). Brickell City Centre’s Trousseau store provided the pillows. Since it was the first week of school, these pillows were meant to become the child’s personalized school pillow. After my son was running around the Gather playground, he had a blast painting the pillowcase with his mommy. Together we created a very Miami pillow with a palm tree, flamingo, pineapple, and sun. Afterward, we strolled around the beautiful Brickell Centre to get some toys for our little painter and to grab dinner at one of the BCC Eats restaurants. 

Brickell City Center Gather

Gather Playground – check it out now until September 15th

If you missed this event, don’t worry! Gather playground will still be open until September 15th and there are more family-friendly events to come. On September 10th at 4 p.m. and on September 11th at 12 p.m., Gather will be hosting Family Game Days. The afternoon activities will include interactive games, live music, sweet treats, and giveaways prizes. 

Brickell City Centre Gather

See you at BCC!

Birth defects and injuries bella behar the miami mami

What Causes Birth Defects and Injuries?

Birth defects and birth injuries are caused by a variety of factors. Before going to the hospital, you should take time to learn about what causes these defects and injuries and what you can do to prevent them. Birth defects are issues that occur while the baby is developing in the womb. Some common birth defects are Down’s syndrome, sickle cell disease, cystic fibrosis, clubfoot, spina bifida, cleft lip/cleft palate, and heart defects.

Birth injuries occur during pregnancy or delivery. A common birth injury is when the brachial plexus is damaged. This injury is sustained when the nerves stemming from the spinal cord to your shoulder, arms, and hands are damaged. Some other common birth injuries are subconjunctival hemorrhaging (broken blood vessels in the eyes), bruising, cephalohematoma (broken blood vessels under the scalp), asphyxia/hypoxia (oxygen deficiency), and fractures.

Birth Defects

While birth defects can change the way you carry out your life, you might wonder what causes birth defects and birth injuries and how you can lower the risk of them occurring. As explained by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), birth defects can occur at any stage during the gestational process, but most defects occur within the first three months of a fetus’s life. Genetics, environmental factors, and lifestyle choices may all be determining factors. Controlling genetic birth defects can be extremely difficult and should be discussed with a medical professional if you are concerned.


birth defects and injuries the miami mami bella behar

Lifestyle Choices and Environmental Factors

People have control over environmental factors and lifestyle choices. Consumption of harmful chemicals or drugs can lead to birth defects in a developing fetus. Understandably, kicking an addiction is not always an easy process, and adding pregnancy to the formula can add more stress to the mother’s life. Sometimes when a mother, and in some cases, a father, use illicit or prescription drugs, the healthy development of their child can be impeded. Again, consulting with a doctor or medical professional regarding the addiction and how it may affect a developing fetus is recommended.

Environmental factors such as family members using drugs, working in a factory where harmful fumes can be inhaled, dangerous work environments, and more, can all affect the baby’s well-being. Many people are single parents and rely on their job(s) for the financial support of their families. If you believe you are pregnant and that your work environment could cause issues with the development of your child, speak with your management to coordinate a safer work environment during your pregnancy. While pregnant, you should ensure your work and living conditions are keeping you and your baby’s development healthy.

Birth Injuries

Brain injuries, when sustained during pregnancy or delivery, are usually the result of a handful of reasons. The baby could have a lack of oxygen at birth, which could occur if the umbilical cord becomes wrapped around the baby’s neck, the child gets stuck in the birth canal, or the baby presents in the breech position. Improper use of delivery tools, like forceps, which are used to extract a child from the birth canal, can cause bleeding in the brain, skull fractures, and serious damage to the facial nerves. Fetal distress can occur if a mother requires a cesarean section (c-section) and the procedure is delayed.

Another reason could be that the mother has untreated infections. Having untreated infections increases the risk of brain damage and premature birth. Undiagnosed high blood pressure also referred to as preeclampsia, can result in seizures, brain damage, and in extreme cases, death. Severe jaundice (yellowing skin and eyes), due to untreated liver failure can cause cognitive disabilities. If medical tools or the mother’s birth canal puts prolonged pressure on the skull, fluid build-up and brain swelling can occur.

preeclampsia bella behar the miami mami

How You Can Reduce the Risk of These Injuries

Preventing genetic mutations can be a very difficult, sometimes impossible, task. Working closely with your doctor every step of the way can help keep a close eye on the development of your baby. Some birth defects caused by the intake of harmful drugs or chemicals during pregnancy can be prevented by adjusting some daily choices and abstaining from these activities.

Preventing birth injuries might seem like something out of your hands however, you can have a part to play in keeping your child safe. It’s difficult to keep the umbilical cord from getting tangled or wrapped around your baby until the time of delivery but it’s important to make sure your doctor checks for this when your child is born. Regular check-ups with your doctor help keep a real-time update on your baby’s well-being in the womb. Working with your doctor on healing any infections you may have can help keep your baby healthy as well. It’s important, to be honest with your doctor about infections or other diseases you or your partner may have, as these can directly affect your baby’s development. Speaking openly with your healthcare provider about the tools they will use and the proper use of those tools can help ensure the doctor stays alert and aware during the procedure.


Medical Negligence and Malpractice

What is medical malpractice? Medical malpractice occurs when a medical professional or healthcare provider fails to properly perform their duties and in doing so, causing harm, injury, or even death to their patient. This can be with simple check-ups, medical prescriptions, surgeries, and more. A report from 2016 by the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) reported 3,075 adverse actions occurred in the state of Florida. This refers to the number of measures taken against healthcare professionals. In total, there were 1,161 medical malpractice payments in 2016, which is an increase when compared to previous years.


When a medical professional prescribes medication you must be sure the medication is safe to take while pregnant. Not all medication is safe for pregnant women to take. If a healthcare provider incorrectly recommends and prescribes a medication that can harm the mother or the fetus, they may be held liable for those actions if birth defects arise. Another action a healthcare provider could be held liable for is not properly monitoring the mother or the child during the course of her pregnancy. For instance, a diabetic mother needs to be monitored closely by her healthcare provider because diabetes increases the risk of birth defects in the child if not properly monitored.

A third example where a healthcare provider could be held responsible for birth injures or defects is during the delivery process. As mentioned above, improperly monitoring the child’s or mother’s vitals can put the child, and mother, at risk. Performing an unnecessary c-section, excessively forcing the child out of the birth canal, or breaching the medical standard of care can also cause injuries to occur.


Holding Negligent Parties Accountable

All mothers and fathers want a healthy, strong baby to expand their family and the reckless acts of a medical professional should not stand in the way of that. In the instances mentioned above, it’s important to know that you can hold those at fault accountable for their negligent actions.

Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum Bluestein, LLP’s South Florida birth defect lawyers have the necessary skills and experience to help you seek the full extent of the losses your family has suffered and could suffer down the road. These losses could include hospital expenses, future medical expenses related to your child’s care, pain and suffering, disfigurement and disability, lost future wages, and other economic or noneconomic losses your or your child could experience.

This article is a guest post written by the law office of Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum Bluestein, LLP.




Bella Behar Stay fit on vacation

If you have read any of my previous articles, you know that I am all about a good balance in life. I do not deprive myself of anything. So far, this approach has worked out for me. Clearly, I am a firm believer that living by strict rules and restrictions will eventually lead to splurging. Ever since the Garden of Eden, humans have tended to want things, even more, when considered a “forbidden fruit.” Thus, I do not ever restrict myself and do everything in moderation. When it comes to diets and nutrition, I do not believe in “cheat days.” When I feel like eating something sweet, I eat a bit of it to curb the craving. I do not deprive myself all week to pig out on one day. It makes zero sense to me. Evidently, this method has worked for me as I have maintained my weight despite having given birth and being a big-time foodie (my Yelp account is the living proof of that). I am not a huge fitness fanatic and clean eater. Hence, this way of life makes it easy for me to do moderate, shorter exercises every day and eating fairly balance. 

Now that summer has arrived, we love going on weekend road trips in our home state Florida. While I thoroughly enjoy this quality time with my family, it also means getting my normal routine out of whack. While I normally try to get on 7-8 hours of zzz’s per night, there is usually no chance of that happening when sharing a hotel room with my toddler who decides to crowd surf on top of us in the middle of the night. Also, I simply cannot say no to the amazing Pina Coladas and coconut fried fish from Florida. I do believe that a family vacation is a designated time to enjoy life so going to the gym or missing out on scrumptious food is just not on my agenda during that time. However, I sincerely enjoy how balanced my life is. Therefore, I try to not fall too much off the wagon during vacations. If you share that sentiment, here are some tips on how to stay on track during your vacation while still having fun.

1) Eat what you want but implement nutrients

As I said, there is no way I am going to say no to my favorite fried foods and frozen drinks on my vacation. However, there is a way to enjoy them in moderation. During my last vacation, I would usually order a small salad upfront (I actually like salads). The veggies would not only nourish my body, but they also prevented me from eating too much of the “fun” food. Try to eat the rainbow by implementing fruits and veggies when you can. Your body and your overall well-being will thank you later. You will see that you will transition a lot easier into reality once the vacation is over when you maintain a balance. 

Bella Behar The Miami Mami Marco Island

2) Drink plenty of H2O

I know you have heard this a million times: you have to drink more water! Water can be a bit boring especially when you can have drinks instead. But, ESPECIALLY when you consume alcohol, it is the time to make sure you stay hydrated. Alcohol combined with the sun is no Bueno. People tend to drink more without noticing while having fun in the sun. But that can lead to serious dehydration and a nasty hangover later. So try to drink plenty of H2O during the day. You’ll be happy you did!

3) Bring healthy snacks 

In order to control your hunger, you should never go too long without eating. By the same token, overly hungry people tend to lose all self-control and eat whatever is in front of them and too much of it. I like to bring healthier snacks such as nuts, protein or granola bars, and fruits to snack on in the morning or during the day. Also, I do not really like to start the day with a heavy breakfast that will have me sluggish for the rest of the day. Hence, I like to bring individual oatmeal packages. I usually heat up the water in the coffee maker provided by the hotel and use disposable cups! Voila, A healthy breakfast that will you keep you full until lunchtime!

4) Implement exercises into your activities 

Obviously, vacations are meant to be fun! Most people do not consider going to the gym fun. However, if you are one of those who cannot live without the gym, you can take advantage of the hotel gym to mix it up a little bit. Or you can go for a run in the surrounding area for a change of scenery. I usually like to soak up every minute of my precious vacation time. But I sneak in some exercise-like activities every here and then. My go-to is going for long walks at the beach right in the water. The resistance from the water is one of the best calf and booty firmer for me hands down! And as a bonus, I always come back from my beach power walks with a nice tan. Not only that, it gives me a much-needed break and some me-time that mommy needs! Speaking of being a mom, when my son was still a baby and wanted to be carried a lot, I used to do squats while holding him in my arms on the beach. Now, he is WAY too heavy for that but now, I have to run after him all day which is a workout in itself.

Thank you for reading, mis amores! Hope you are all having a fabulous summer with lots of vacation time! 

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